Edinburgh asks citizens how to allocate funding post-COVID

Edinburgh asks citizens how to allocate funding post-COVID

Locals will help the City Council prioritise its spending after the pandemic

Over the last few months, Edinburgh City Council has been stretched thin attempting to keep the local government running while simultaneously providing enhanced and improved services to people in need. The pandemic has proven to be an especially trying challenge for local governments as they seek to not only protect their constituents but also to enact as much of their long-term plans as possible.

That is why authorities in the Scottish capital are appealing to citizens and are asking for their opinion not only on how the city has managed the pandemic but also what it should be focusing on once it has been put behind us.

Getting the lay of the land

Earlier this week, the Edinburgh City Council launched a four-week survey asking locals for their feedback on how the government has handled the crisis as well as input on which services were particularly missed as they were put on hold due to COVID-19. The responses from citizens will help authorities find out what they should be focusing on as they seek to prepare next year’s budget.

The survey also gives respondents the opportunity to pitch their ideas and submit their thoughts on how Edinburgh can achieve its ambitious climate targets – namely how can it become emission-free by 2030.

Upon the launch of the survey, Finance and Resources Convener Councillor Rob Munn stated that “Every year we invest hundreds of millions of pounds to provide essential public services to Scotland's Capital and we shape our spending plans based on direct feedback from the residents themselves and what they tell us is most important to them.

Public feedback was instrumental in establishing our overarching priorities for the city; from tackling poverty and inequality to improving sustainability and promoting wellbeing. Now, we're seeking residents' help once again as we look to update our spending plans in line with these core priorities, and I know we'll receive invaluable and constructive responses to our consultation to inform our future spending plans.

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed all our lives and we're each still navigating the challenges and changes it's brought about. Our services have been greatly impacted, too, and we need to rethink how we deliver on our key commitments and priorities for Edinburgh.”



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