Edinburgh goes green in post-covid economic recovery

Edinburgh goes green in post-covid economic recovery

The city aims to incorporate its economic renewal with its green ambitions

If one thing has become certain over the last few months is that Europe’s economies are in need of a large-scale rethink. The coronavirus pandemic exposed the glaring weaknesses of the economic models of European countries and their governments are looking for solutions.

A green economic recovery

While the European Commission and many EU member states quickly came around the idea of combining the continent’s post-coronavirus recovery with its green transition, parts of the UK have also done the same.

The Scottish capital of Edinburgh, for example, is leading the charge by incorporating citizens into the decision-making process that is meant to precipitate the city’s complete environmental transformation and turnaround.

Following the publishing of the Edinburgh Climate Commission’s Faster Forward Together report which focused on how the city can become more sustainable and environmentally friendly by 2030, the City Council has launched a new initiative meant to get all citizens involved in this momentous journey.

The Edinburgh Talks Climate initiative commenced earlier this week on 27 July and invites all those members of the community who wish to contribute with their thoughts and ideas of how Edinburgh can best achieve its target of becoming zero carbon by 2030.

Adam McVey, Leader of the Edinburgh City Council stated that “Edinburgh is facing a dual crisis right now and both need urgent action: our recovery from the pandemic is coupled with the global climate emergency. As we adapt to the circumstances brought about by COVID-19, we can also start building a city for the future. Tackling climate change must be front of mind in this process and we have to take every step we can to ensure that our recovery is a green one.

Edinburgh belongs to its residents and we welcome their views on how we can positively affect climate change within our city. I would encourage everyone to take part in the Edinburgh Talks Climate engagement and make sure their voices are heard throughout our recovery.”



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