Edinburgh slated for biggest ever investment in housing

Edinburgh slated for biggest ever investment in housing

City Councils across Scotland will be getting increased funding in order to procure housing for their citizens

The government of Scotland has announced a staggering increase in funds that will be allocated for the procurement of affordable housing across the region. Upon the adoption of the Scottish Budget, authorities announced a £17 million increase with a further £300 million committed for the 2021- 2022 period by the Communities Secretary in order to address the housing crisis in Scotland.

In the Scottish capital of Edinburgh, plans to tackle homelessness are on track. Local authorities are committed to delivering 10,000 affordable homes by the year 2022. With 1,900 currently either completed or under construction, the City Council is well on its way towards delivering on its promise. Furthermore, they have pledged to invest a further £2.5 billion in housing by 2027, which would deliver another 20,000 affordable homes to locals.

Fresh funding from central authorities

The increase in funding declared in the Scottish budget also means that local authorities in Edinburgh will be receiving the largest-ever investment in housing in the city’s history.

Councillor Kate Campbell, Edinburgh's Housing, Homelessness and Fair Work Convener, stated that “We were expecting to receive around £45 million from the Scottish Government for social housing but today's commitment confirms this will, in fact, to rise to over £48 million. This is the single biggest investment towards our housing on record for a starting budget and will support our own ambitious programme to deliver thousands of new and better homes for our residents. This announcement is to be welcomed and we will continue to work with the Scottish Government, locally and as a regional housing partnership, to secure as much grant funding as possible.”

Edinburgh authorities are already hard at work at delivering on their affordable housing pledges – as well as working on other vital priorities within the city, including the construction new schools and medical centres as well as the reinvigoration of key urban areas.



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