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Elderly in Iasi with specially dedicated public transport

Elderly in Iasi with specially dedicated public transport

Starting from Monday, 11 May, all working people will be able to make use of Romania's public transport network

Starting 4 May 2020, the Municipality of Iași, in eastern Romania, has started a special social initiative with a target group made up of the elderly in the community. Every day, the retirees from Iași, between 9:00 and 11:00 am, can use especially dedicated routes and means of transport, informed the mayor Mihai Chirica on his Facebook profile.

The elderly Romanians can make use of public transport only for the purposes permitted by military ordinances in the country. It is also still imperative that they must be protected, especially from the young people who are regularly asymptomatic of Covid-19.

Mayor Chirica also informed that all subscriptions that were valid when the state of emergency was triggered remain valid for a period identical to that of their suspension. According to the statistics, there are 283 cases of coronavirus confirmed in Iași, as of Tuesday, 5 May 2020.

Starting Monday, 11 May 2020, all working people will also be able to enter public transport in Romania. The mandatory conditions for all passengers are: compliance with the limit of seats, wearing a protective mask, and sanitary gloves. Passengers must also carry the up-to-date service cards or a certificate issued by their employer.

More actions to fight Covid-19 in Iași  

The president of the Iasi County Council, Maricel Popa informed that a mobile hospital with 250 beds for patients diagnosed with coronavirus will be set up near the city of Iași. The aim of the new medical unit will be to serve the entire northeast region of Romania.

In this regard, the Iasi County Council announced at the beginning of April on its Facebook page, that the county councilors approved the allocation of 10.3 million euros for the purchase of the mobile hospital for cases diagnosed with Covid-19. The County Councils of Neamt and Bacau also decided to help the good initiative and will allocate 3.2 million, and 4.1 million euros, respectively.



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