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Empty hotel in Krakow opens its doors to the homeless for the winter

Empty hotel in Krakow opens its doors to the homeless for the winter

Rooms will be available at a symbolic price of 1 PLN per month

Faced with the harsh reality of almost no visitors and dozens of empty rooms, due to the coronavirus pandemic, one hotel owner in Krakow decided to look at things from a positive perspective. A couple of days ago, Przemek Greniewicz announced on Facebook that his hotel, located in the heart of the second-largest Polish city, will not be left abandoned for the upcoming winter months. Instead, as part of a charity initiative, they will be offering 60 rooms at a symbolic price of 1 PLN per month (0,22 euros) to the homeless or to people in need.

A roof for everyone in Krakow

A roof over your head for 1 PLN – that is the slogan of the charity action announced by Przemek Greniewicz from Pergamin Old Town Apartments. At its essence, through the project, the accommodation facility located at 10 Saint Gertrude street will be offering hotel rooms to those in need almost free of charge.

A total of 60 rooms will be made available at 1 PLN per month for the period of December 2020 to March 2020 – the coldest period of the year. Anyone who qualifies for the action can apply between 15 and 20 November 2020. Anyone who knows of a person in difficulty who is in need of a place to stay for the winter can also contact the hotel owners.

The announcement made clear that apart from paying the symbolic price of a few coins every month and qualifying as a needy, the future hotel guests are required to adopt the appropriate behaviour in the facility or else they will be denied access to it. This will be verified with weekly checks by hotel personnel.

We have to help each other in these difficult times and …  we want to help those who need it most”, concluded Greniewicz. Quoted by Notes from Poland, he also said that he was not optimistic about the improvement of the business situation before next spring or summer. Reportedly, he has already been contacted by several charities working with the city's homeless.



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