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Energy efficient buildings in Klaipėda on the rise

Energy efficient buildings in Klaipėda on the rise

A total of 204 apartment buildings have been renovated since 2005

Klaipėda city pushes ahead with its energy efficiency improvement programme for multi-apartment buildings, with 16 residential buildings renovated last year alone, the municipal council has announced. Under this programme, 52 apartment buildings have been insulated in Lithuania’s only port city with about 212 000 permanent residents since 2013, and renovation works are underway in another 20 blocks. Since 2005, a total of 204 apartment buildings have been modernized, which is 11,2 percent of all buildings offering this type of accommodation.

Cost of renovation a major deterrent

"Although the renovation process is a huge challenge for the residents of an apartment building, we encourage them to follow good examples and commit to change. By participating in the municipal programme, they will receive additional help from municipal specialists, who will closely monitor the progress of renovation. It is probably no longer necessary to prove that a renovated apartment offers both comfort and warmth, but many are, of course, frightened by the cost of renovation. State support is an opportunity to reduce costs, so I encourage you to make your mind and apply for funding. Renovation is an indisputable opportunity to save on money set aside for heating, and probably the most efficient solution of the costs and benefits balance in the long run,” says Klaipėda Mayor Vytautas Grubliauskas, quoted by

The deadline for applications under the programme has been extended to 1 June 2021. Residents who decide to renovate their apartment can apply for 100 percent compensation for project preparation, administration and maintenance costs, and 30 percent compensation for investments in energy saving measures. 

This support is provided to low-income residents who are entitled to compensation for heating costs. When their financial situation improves, these residents resume payment of contributions for the work performed.

"Renovation work is usually covered by a loan for a period of 20 years, so residents do not need to have the full amount at hand. The renovation process can be started following the approval of 55 percent of apartment owners. Some may choose to renovate their apartment building through the municipality, or else they can contact the Housing Energy Saving Agency directly. Although the scope of state support does not differ in both cases, we can provide additional assistance in the event of various difficulties emerging in the renovation process,” explains municipal administration advisor Inga Kubilienė.

Example in energy efficient housing

The local government-initiated renovation of a 13-storey apartment building on Vingio street sets a good example. Out of 103 apartments there, 96 are owned by the municipality which rents them to residents. With the support of the state, the building has been comprehensively renovated to the tune of EUR 1, 8 million. The implemented energy-saving measures allow as much as 70 percent of thermal energy to be saved. 

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