Salto de Castro didn't linger for long on the property market, Source: Unsplash

Entire Spanish village sold for 300,000 euros

Entire Spanish village sold for 300,000 euros

And that wasn’t the highest offer either

Blink and you missed it. Salto de Castro, the abandoned Spanish village, which made the headlines earlier this month because it was being sold as one whole unit did not stay long on the market and has now been sold for 300,000 euros. That is 15% above the initial asking price.

The entire locality was bought by one Mr Oscar Torres, a businessman from Toledo (Spain)

Reportedly, the hamlet located in the Province of Zamora, had no problem garnering tons of attention from potential buyers across the world. Likely, part of this is due to the good promotion in the online and offline media outlets.

We have received offers from Saudia Arabia, Russia, Brazil, the United Kingdom…investors from more than twenty countries around the world have contacted us,” explained Romuald Rodriguez from Royal Invest, the agency that was managing the property deal.

Rural development in the works ahead

Apparently, Mr Torres’ offer was not even the highest bid, and the agency said that there had been offers reaching up to 600,000 euros. The media sources do not report why the higher offers were not chosen instead though, so we could only speculate.

What’s known is that Oscar Torres is the CEO of Iniciativas Faos, a construction firm, with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. It is very likely that Salto de Castro will undergo some form of rejuvenation in the near future, but under what form it remains to be seen.

Zamora, in the region of Castille and Leon, is one of the most sparsely populated areas in Spain. Set deep in the rural countryside, it represents a different image from the popular beach costas that comprise the perimeter of the Iberian country.



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