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Environmental Barometer unveiled in Assen

Environmental Barometer unveiled in Assen

The Municipality greenlit a platform for businesses to tackle their harmful emissions

Do you know what an environmental barometer is? It is an instrument that will show you how and when to save energy and to reduce your company`s harmful impact on the environment. You just have to put in the data of your electricity consumption and other environmental indicators.  The barometer will show you which areas you need to improve, how you can save and the measures you can undertake.

Assen`s businesses to use an environmental barometer

Assen is the capital of Drenthe and has more than 500,000 citizens. It is a well-developed city with a beautiful environment and is easily accessible within the Netherlands and Europe. There are seven business parks in the city where companies can build their premises. There are also well-established business associations that can support different ventures.

The Dutch town has the practice of helping new or existing businesses with consultations through accountants or different organizations. Now, it has introduced one more initiative for companies – an environmental barometer.

They can use it free of charge in 2020 to recognize the benefits it brings. Currently, over 30 companies have taken advantage of it.

In addition to the above measures, the barometer also offers the following:

  • Base measurement and comparison graphs with other companies, how they manage, what measure they have undertaken, etc.
  • It measures your carbon dioxide emissions.
  • It gives you a list of actions and their costs.
  • It also presents data on the legal requirements of these actions.
  • The online environmental barometer offers online help and telephone help desk.

The introduction of such a platform for the companies will put the city and, later on, the Netherlands, one step closer to achieving the different environmental goals and emission cuts stipulated under national, EU and international legislation.

This will also pave the way for other countries and municipalities to do the same. And it would be an even better idea to introduce such a platform on a European level.



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