The dome of Avicii Arena, Source: Stockholm Municipality

Ericsson Globe arena in Stockholm renamed in honour of Avicii

Ericsson Globe arena in Stockholm renamed in honour of Avicii

This is yet another tribute to the late modern cultural icon from its native city

On 19 May, the municipal website of Stockholm announced that one of the most important cultural venues in the Swedish capital – Ericsson Globe – will be renamed to Avicii Arena, in honour of the late musician who passed away tragically in 2018. This will be the second renaming of the large dome-shaped arena, which was initially known as Stockholm Globe Arena between 1989 and 2009.

This is on account of marking 3 years since the DJ’s passing

Last month, the borough of Östermalm, where Tim Bergling (Avicii's real name) used to reside, unveiled plans for the creation of a monument to him in Humlegården park near the Royal Library. Now, the city is taking up its commemoration of the musical artist up a notch by renaming one of its most visible architectural and cultural landmarks after him.

The collaboration between Stockholm Live and the Tim Bergling Foundation contributes to making the arena a symbol and meeting place for the work of preventing mental illness among young people. The initiative will provide young people with tools and knowledge to feel better, while adults will become more aware of the widespread problems with mental illness among young people.

The goal is to carry out initiatives throughout the country, but also activities inside the Avicii Arena - where, among other things, a major public event is planned for the Tim Bergling Foundation's annual day on 5 December.

Tim Bergling as the artist Avicii represented and represents music, creativity and joy. It also characterizes Stockholm as a city. Music and creativity are important parts of the city on all levels - for residents, visitors, artists and entrepreneurs.

For the launch of Avicii Arena, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra has recorded a completely new interpretation of Avicii’s song ‘For A Better Day’, which is sung by 14-year-old Ella Tiritiello from Kristianstad. In connection with the launch, campaigns will be broadcast via Youtube Europe and the USA and to Avicii's own channel in the USA with 45 million followers.



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