Giftbox Esch, Source: City of Esch-sur-Alzette

Esch inaugurates three new giveboxes

Esch inaugurates three new giveboxes

They contribute to a more solidary society and a circular economy

Esch has opened three new giveboxes in the city centre. This happened on Friday, November 15 as announced by the Luxembourgish city. The Givebox Esch’s new locations are on Nothomb Street, on the Resistance Square (Brill Square) and on Boltgen Street.

These spaces (which can be boxes or large shelves) where one puts unused items and offers them for free to those in need. In the case of Esch, the second-largest city in Luxembourg, old and unused phone cabins have been repurposed and given a brand new mission.

Giveboxes – practical solution to cluttering enhancing solidarity

For those who are not familiar with how giveboxes work, here are the main rules. All users of such a tool shall:

  • Put things that are clean and in good condition.
  • Deposit objects only if there is space to store them.
  • For large objects, put a display with a photo of the object and a way to contact you.
  • If still present, take back their items after two weeks: Givebox must not become a trashcan and must always have free space.
  • Not leave things that are perishable, dangerous or inciting violence.
  • Offer or request services in the form of an advertisement.
  • Not resell what they are taking as it is not in the spirit of the Givebox.
  • Share the goal of keeping it neat, clean and enjoyable.

Esch giveboxGiveboxes are the perfect place to leave books and magazines you no longer need. Photo: City of Esch

The giveboxes have been gaining in popularity recently, as they serve several purposes. To start with, they help decrease the amount of waste generated, thereby contributing to a circular economy. Instead of putting unused items in the trash, one can considerably extend its lifetime by donating it to those who might find it useful. Accordingly, for the latter, it saves both time and money, as within the gift boxes one can often find valuable items for free (such as books, for example).



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