The square will become safer for pedestrians and cyclists, Source: České Budějovice

České Budějovice to make its square greener and quieter

České Budějovice to make its square greener and quieter

The Czech city will add more plants and restrict vehicles from driving in the area

On 27 April, the City of České Budějovice revealed its plans to transform the Přemysl Otakar II Square, which is the second-largest square in Czechia. According to the municipality, the last major reconstruction of the square took place nearly a century ago, in the 1930s. Since then, it has changed tremendously as greenery has disappeared and vehicles have taken over.

Making room for trees and pedestrians

Today, around 500 cars drive through the city centre every hour. This means that there is an enormous traffic load that results in both noise and air pollution in the square. In addition to this, the perimeter of the square has become a parking lot where residents and business owners park their vehicles every day. 

Considering that the square carries historical value and is, therefore, the most important part of České Budějovice, the municipality now wants to ensure its protection. In other words, it wants to stop vehicles from driving through the area, ensure the comfort of pedestrians, increase the safety of all road uses, and make way for more greenery.

In a press release, the city reports that the transformation of the square will take place in several phases. The first phase will see the execution of modifications that do not require construction. More specifically, the municipality will restrict the passage of cars, prevent drivers from parking vehicles in the area, and install mobile containers carrying trees and flowers. The latter, according to the municipality, will not only increase the attractiveness of the square but also make České Budějovice a greener city. 

Workshops for residents and business owners

Understanding that the transformation will affect both the residents and the companies in the area, České Budějovice is organising workshops for two distinct groups: “square users” and “property owners”. During these workshops, both parties will have the chance to raise questions and make suggestions. To attend these sessions, one must first register via České Budějovice’s website. 

View the plans for the square in the gallery above. 



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