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Espoo allows residents to get vaccinated at home

Espoo allows residents to get vaccinated at home

Fear, age, and underlying conditions may hinder people from going to a vaccination centre

A year ago, people all over the world anxiously anticipated the creation of a COVID vaccine that would help bring life back to normal. Now, after its release and steady rollout, the worries of many have been alleviated. Nevertheless, it is important to recognise that there are still thousands who live in fear.

Thinking of those who cannot access a vaccination centre, the Finnish City of Espoo announced that it will now give all residents the choice to get vaccinated at home. In a press release, the city explained its decision, noting that there are several reasons why someone may not otherwise be able to get vaccinated.

Not everyone can access a vaccination centre

More specifically, Espoo explains that residents may have disabilities or underlying conditions that make it challenging for them to access a vaccination centre. In addition to this, it notes that age and fear are also key factors and obstacles.

“We want to make sure that everyone in Espoo gets the COVID vaccine they want. For those who cannot reach the vaccination point due to limited functional capacity, we will bring the vaccine to them,” Director of Safety Sanna Svahn commented on the city’s latest announcement.

Home vaccinations are free of charge

Residents will not be charged for the service or the vaccine. Moreover, a caregiver will remain with them for fifteen minutes after they receive their shot to monitor their condition. It is important to note that home vaccinations, therefore, take longer and residents may have to wait several days before gaining access to the service.

Taking this further, the city stresses that those who receive their first shot at home will also be required to have their second shot at home. Vaccinees will be contacted by a mobile team of nurses and caregivers to arrange this once the time approaches.

With this service, Espoo proves that it cares about the needs and safety of all its residents.



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