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Espoo awarded for innovative use of data

Espoo awarded for innovative use of data

The Finnish city has become a trailblazer in integrating data-driven projects into its services

The Finnish city of Espoo has been awarded by Netexplo Observatory, a UNESCO partner organisation, for the innovative ways that it uses data and integrates it into its day-to-day services. The award ceremony took place earlier this week, on 23 September, at an online event during the UNESCO Netexplo Observatory forum.

Bettering oneself and bettering the lives of citizens

The ways that the city of Espoo has attempted to harness the power of data has led it to become a true trailblazer in the field. For example, the municipality has experimented with AI to figure out whether it can help them identify different customer groups with special needs, based on data and its interpretation.

Currently, Espoo is also working alongside other large cities to explore different ways of integrating and using OmaData (MyData) to better and improve the administration’s services and further its objectives. The city has also joined the Finnish Centre for Artificial Intelligence that aims to make use of the most advanced methods of AI and put them to the service of businesses and citizens.

“By using data in an innovative and ethical way, taking into account data security and data protection, we can provide our clients with smoother and more effective services in a proactive and economically sustainable manner. Data and technologies such as artificial intelligence also help to create completely new service innovations for the needs of a sustainable future. Espoo acts as a pioneer in the sustainable development of municipal services,” stated Espoo’s Director for City as a Service Development Päivi Sutinen.

Through its efforts in harnessing innovative solutions and the power of data, Espoo is truly becoming a smart city that can employ a vast range of integrated modern solutions to its citizens and constituents.



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