Ąžuolynas Park, Kaunas, Source: Kaunas City Municipality

EUR 5,6 million for the reconstruction of Ąžuolynas Park in Kaunas

EUR 5,6 million for the reconstruction of Ąžuolynas Park in Kaunas

Centuries-old oaks and golden beetles are the park’s greatest asset

Kaunas City Municipality has signed a contract with public tender winner “Kauno Keliai” for the reconstruction of the city pride - Ąžuolynas Park. EUR 5,6 million are procured for the overhaul of the park’s infrastructure from EU funds, Government and Municipal budgets.

Renovation of recreational spaces and their adaptation to the needs of citizens and tourists will begin in August under strict technical and environmental supervision. “Kauno Keliai” company plans to complete the works within 22 months.

Careful and calculated infrastructure overhaul

Apart from being a favourite place for walks and recreation for Kaunas residents and guests, Ąžuolynas Park is included in the national register of immovable cultural values and the European network of protected areas “Natura 2000”. The park’s greatest asset is the centuries-old common oaks and the insects that inhabit them – the gloomy golden beetles. In fact, the park boasts the largest oak grove in Europe growing in an urban area.

“The upgrading of the infrastructure is necessary, but in this case it will be carried out with great care and calculation. All works are planned so that oaks and other rare plants, endangered bird and beetle species living here do not suffer. Only small equipment will be used for the works and the recommendations of environmentalists will be strictly followed”, said Kaunas Mayor Visvaldas Matijošaitis, quoted by the city website.

In order to avoid a negative impact on the park’s natural environment, the reconstruction project has been prepared in cooperation with experts of the Lithuanian Society of Dendrologists, the State Forest Service and other institutions, taking into account the suggestions of Kaunas residents. When carrying out the improvement of the park infrastructure on the area of 62,6 hectares, “Kauno Keliai” will have to follow the park management and protection measures laid out in the “Kaunas Plan”.

What the reconstruction includes

The renovation will preserve, with occasional resurfacing, the existing network of paths – a curved alley along the entire length of the park with many detached tracks winding between thick trees. There will be a new bike path, new benches positioned away from the old oaks, children’s playgrounds, pedestrian areas, a nature trail to explore biodiversity and updated lighting.

Existing bridges will be repaired and, to the relief of the park’s visitors, two public toilets will be built. The work plan also envisages the installation of stairs to Tunelio and Radvilėnų streets.



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