S-train Copenhagen Central Station, Source: Astrid Maria Busse Rasmussen / DSB

EUR 500 million to accelerate the sustainable transition of Danish railways

EUR 500 million to accelerate the sustainable transition of Danish railways

The financing will help replace diesel-powered trains with 100 electric units

On 1 February, the European Investment Bank (EIB) reported that it has signed a 25-year lending agreement worth EUR 500 million with the Danish railway company, Danske Statsbaner (DSB). Under this agreement, the EIB will help finance the acquisition of 100 new electric trainsets, which will replace the existing rolling stock.

Sustainable mobility

In recent years, the demand for sustainable methods of transportation has skyrocketed. Acknowledging this and anticipating the future growth in passenger traffic, DBS now seeks to replace its diesel-powered trains to meet the new demands. Commenting on this, CEO of DBS Flemming Jensen shared:

“The new electric trainsets will be the backbone of future public transportation in Denmark and the investment is a significant contribution to the green transition of Danish society. […] It is very satisfactory for DSB that our initiatives and plans for more sustainable public transportation are recognised and that we on that basis can attract financing from one of the most trustworthy leaders in the market.”

Similarly, EIB Vice-President Christian Kettel Thomsen revealed that he is pleased with the agreement as it will allow the Danish railway company to make a sustainable transition that contributes to the fight against climate change. Taking this further, he shared that one must not underestimate the significance of rail traffic and how it can help reduce the negative impact on the climate.

To promote rail traffic, however, such investments must first improve the quality of services and increase the comfort of trains. In this way, people will feel more inclined to shift away from other methods of transportation and opt for sustainable mobility.

According to the EIB, the first new trainsets will begin operating in 2024. They will primarily run on the Danish core network, connecting Jutland with the Copenhagen region. In addition to this, they will also serve Denmark’s Sjᴂlland region.



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