The conference for the Climate Education Coalition, Source: Maria Gabril on Facebook

Europe’s Climate Education Coalition is here to fight climate change

Europe’s Climate Education Coalition is here to fight climate change

EU Commissioner Mariya Gabriel unveils new platform connecting communities across the continent

The “Climate Education Coalition” has launched today, 22 June. The platform will concentrate efforts in the fight against climate change from across Europe and connect small communities into a united front, composed of teachers, scientists, local and regional authorities, and businesses. The face behind the project is EU Commissioner Mariya Gabriel who held a conference presenting the project to partners earlier in the day.

Be a part of the fight and make the next step happen

The platform offers a space where everyone can connect, share know-how and take action through participating in community challenges.

The challenges function as a way for the community to nurture the sharing, experimentation, verification and re-use of knowledge and practices, scaling them up at the same time. The platform will give people the chance to bring collaborators together and find similar actors, initiatives and knowledge.

At the same time, it is a great opportunity for crowdsourcing solutions to problems regarding climate change, while having a dedicated community in support. Most importantly, the Climate Education Coalition can help popularise effective ideas and their wider adoption on a local level.

The community provides an idea incubator and a peer-to-peer forum where one can ask for help when it comes to green education. At the same time, the challenge “experimentarium” will provide an open space to find collaborators and make ideas more impactful.  

In addition, the knowledge library will serve as a data repository for all projects, so they can be saved and reused when necessary.

Mariya Gabriel wants to mobilise Europe’s collective knowledge

“It is important to adapt education systems to environmental transition by addressing fragmentation and connecting education, science and business. This way we can achieve the development of green skills,” she stated on her Facebook page. This platform has the chance to contribute greatly to the creation of a common approach to climate change.

“The new platform will support the creation of a real Pan-European movement for climate education and training, connecting different disciplines, professions and ways of thinking about moving towards a more sustainable society and economy. It is important to join forces to make the Coalition for Climate Education a success,” concluded Commissioner Gabriel.

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