The building of the Concierge Medicine Europe clinic, Source: Concierge Medicine Europe

Europe’s first clinic for concierge medicine will open in Prague

Europe’s first clinic for concierge medicine will open in Prague

From 5 May, the clinic will provide patients with lifestyle and preventative care

Europe’s first concierge medicine clinic is set to open on 5 May in the capital of the Czech Republic. Concierge Medicine Europe will do more than just treat the symptoms of particular illnesses and health problems; that is, it will work to prevent diseases by ensuring that clients are in their best shape.

What makes this clinic special?

On its website, Concierge Medicine Europe explains what makes it different from regular clinics. It claims that doctors generally care for approximately 2,500 patients. This means that they cannot form a strong, personal relationship with their patients.

What is more, it also means that they do not have sufficient time to conduct long, in-depth check-ups. As such, patients are forced to wait long periods of time for just a short examination in which their physicians will only be able to treat the symptoms of a particular illness.

Concierge Medicine Europe differs significantly from this as its doctors will only care for up to 650 patients. This will ensure that they can form a strong connection and allocate a minimum of 30 minutes for check-ups. Another key difference is that Prague’s clinic will not aim to just treat their patients’ symptoms; that is, it will offer lifestyle and preventative care such as stress management.

The founder of the clinic

Wolfram Schleuter, an entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience in business, founded the Concierge Medicine Europe clinic. After studying medical management at Harvard and Cleveland Clinic, Schleuter became the ambassador for the European Association of Lifestyle Medicine.

It is interesting to note that, according to the clinic’s website, Schleuter had the idea to establish the first European concierge medicine clinic after he experienced “first-class healthcare” as a patient at Mayo Clinic.

Speaking to the Czech news portal Prague Monitor, Schleuter explained: “We are the first Lifestyle Medicine Centre of Excellence of this nature in Europe. Personal physicians, specialists, nutritionists and personal trainers work as one team. The clinic even has its own fitness centre.”

Giving further information on the clinic and its vision, he added: “Our vision is to build an unparalleled health care facility that will emphasise a personalised approach, prevention and a healthy lifestyle. All of our professionals are members of the European Lifestyle Medicine Association (ELMA). In serious cases, we seek a second opinion from collaborating physicians who work in centres of excellence, such as Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, etc.”

To become a patient at the clinic, you must first schedule a tour to see the facility and meet its doctors. Then, you can choose a membership and become a member to receive world-class health care.

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