Passengers ready to hop on board the Snälltåget, Source: Snälltåget

Europe’s longest train service rolls in this winter to carry skiers from Sweden to the Alps

Europe’s longest train service rolls in this winter to carry skiers from Sweden to the Alps

Snälltåget also impresses with its sustainability profile

You might have recently heard about Europe’s longest passenger train when the record was set in Switzerland with a composition that spanned nearly 2 kilometres, but have you ever wondered about Europe’s longest railway service? That distinction could go to Snälltåget’s winter service transporting avid skiers from Sweden to the Austrian Alps.

The route is quite new and only debuted this past winter, in January 2022, however it is now set to return to inaugurate a new ski season and affirm its place in the record books.

More specifically, the service in question runs between the Swedish city of Malmo, passing through Denmark, and the whole of Germany before paying visits to Austria’s most renowned ski resorts ending in the city of Innsbruck. In total, it takes about 22 hours to cover the distance of 1720 kilometres between the two terminus points.

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Given its specific purpose, the availability of the service is limited so if you’d like to experience it keep in mind that it is only available once a week, with journeys set to begin on 22 December 2022 and ending on 11 March 2023.

What is also notable about this railway service are its green credentials. Besides the apparent fact that passengers would skip flying and opt for a slower and more scenic way to get to their destination, lessening their carbon footprint in the process, there are other benefits to the environment.

The train is powered by water, wind and solar energy, and a trip from Malmö to the Alps only emits around 1.2 kg of carbon dioxide per person. For comparison, a flight from Copenhagen Airport emits approximately 267 kg per person, while a trip in a gasoline-powered Volvo emits approximately 128 kg.

In addition, the ski resorts have taken it up to promote themselves as eco-friendly in line with the whole concept of sustainable tourism, so that the entire experience of getting there and staying there becomes one comprehensive sustainable package.



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