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European Climate Adaptation Platform to help local and regional governments with the green transition

European Climate Adaptation Platform to help local and regional governments with the green transition

The European Commission created the tool as a way to streamline data and opportunities into one convenient digital hub

Climate adaptation is officially one of the pillars of the European Green Deal after the European Commission published an EU Mission Charter with 301 local government signatories. And to assist, ease and accelerate this vital process the Commission launched a new European Climate Adaptation Platform (Climate-ADAPT) on 19 April.

In essence, this is a web portal that will assist municipalities and regions to accelerate their transformation towards climate resilience by 2030. Doing so, it will help them better understand, prepare for and manage risks and develop innovative solutions that build climate resilience.

The portal offers knowledge and tools aimed at local and regional authorities. To help the latter to develop, implement and monitor their adaptation plans, it also provides the regional adaptation support tool.

Practical links and advice for local authorities

For its part, the adaptation panel has the purpose of informing the regions about the impacts of global warming, vulnerability and exposure to climate hazards, risks in this regard, and adaptation policies and actions.

In addition, the new portal also serves to create a practical community to advance and finance climate adaptation planning processes, identify and finance demonstration projects, as well as mobilize and involve citizens and stakeholders. Mission projects will also have access to this digital community.

Commissioner for Research and Innovation, Mariya Gabriel, said on the occasion of the unveiling of the portal: 

When signing the Mission Charter, regions and local authorities showed their commitment to join our adaptation journey. They now have a rich tool at their disposal to liaise with each other, learn, teach and share their experience on their pathway to climate resilience. Let us exploit it, all together.”



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