Vasco Cordeiro is the new President of the European Committee of the Regions (CoR), Source: Vasco Cordeiro on Facebook

European Committee of the Regions elects a new president

European Committee of the Regions elects a new president

Vasco Alves Cordeiro comes from the Azores archipelago of Portugal, and is thus the first CoR President from that country and from an outermost region

Vasco Alves Cordeiro is the name of the new President of the European Committee of the Region (CoR), the highest representative body that defends the interests of the EU’s local and regional governments. Mr Cordeiro, who was elected yesterday, comes from the Azores Islands – a Portuguese autonomous region, whose president he was from 2012 to 2020. He’s currently the leader of the PS political group at the Azores regional parliament.

The election makes him the second Portuguese president of an EU institution and the first Portuguese President of the Committee of the Regions. He is also the only President of an EU institution who comes from an outermost region of the EU.

The New CoR President will lead the representative body for the next two and a half years. The outgoing leader, Apostolos Tzitzikostas, Governor of Central Macedonia in Greece, will assume the position of First Vice-President.

Political priorities of the new President

Presenting the priorities for his mandate and speaking to the 329 CoR members from all 27 EU member states, the new President said: "what the present times require is a stronger and fairer Europe, for all. A stronger Europe that advances, exactly, from the unapologetic affirmation of its values and founding principles, such as freedom, respect for human dignity, tolerance, the rule of law and democracy, among others. A stronger Europe that is also based on promoting greater and systematic citizen participation in the decision-making processes."

In light of the ongoing war against Ukraine, Vasco Alves Cordeiro wants the CoR to continue supporting Ukraine and to strengthen the European perspective of the country. He made clear that "cities and towns of Europe are at the forefront of the support for Ukraine’s integration process into the great European family." 

He further added: "We want to support our Ukrainian partners now and in the future for the reconstruction. This is why we are launching the Alliance for Ukraine during this plenary."

Lastly, the new President pointed out that the European Union must focus on ensuring the role of cohesion policy as a pillar of the European project, making sure that no people and no places are left behind. "The dilution of cohesion policy in the future post-2027 Multiannual Financial Framework is a risk that should not and cannot be overlooked. The Committee of the Regions must therefore hold its ground in the defence of a policy which has still much to give for achieving the idea of leaving no one behind, that is, the Union's own ideal."



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