"We stand with you Ukraine"

Europeans agree with the EU’s response to the war in Ukraine, study finds

Europeans agree with the EU’s response to the war in Ukraine, study finds

They have expressed their approval of the EU’s unwavering support

Today, the European Commission published the results of a Flash Eurobarometer survey in which EU citizens were asked how they perceive the EU’s response to the war in Ukraine. According to the findings, the majority of the 26,066 respondents approve of the EU’s measures, believing that it has shown solidarity (79%) and been united (63%) and fast (58%) in its reaction. 

Eurobarometer surveyEurobarometer survey findings (Source: European Commission on Facebook)

Standing with Ukraine

The EU has shown support for Ukraine and its people in numerous ways since Russia’s invasion. More specifically, it has provided Ukraine with humanitarian support, financial assistance, and military equipment. Beyond this, it has also adopted various economic sanctions against Russia.

The survey’s findings have now revealed that a whopping 93% of Europeans are in favour of providing humanitarian support to those affected by the war, while 80% support the EU’s financial assistance. 

67% of respondents also shared that they support the EU’s move to finance the purchase and supply of military equipment to Ukraine. However, it is important to underline that 75% also consider the war to have shown that there is a need for “greater military cooperation within the EU”. 

According to the survey, citizens have also backed the EU’s sanctions against Russia as 80% claim to be in favour of the economic sanctions against the country, and 79% approve of the sanctions against its oligarchs. 

Aside from showing their approval of the EU’s response, the surveyed Europeans have also expressed their solidarity with Ukraine. That is, 89% claim to feel sympathy towards those affected by the war, with 88% being in favour of welcoming refugees into the EU.  

Stepping away from Russian energy

The EU’s dependency on Russian energy has caused worry and concern in recent months. Therefore, it is not surprising that there has been broad support for stepping away from Russian fossil fuels. 

86% of the survey’s respondents have shared that they support filling up gas storage to avoid shortages in the winter, and 85% applaud the EU’s measures to increase the energy efficiency of buildings, transport, and goods. Expanding on this, 84% of Europeans believe that the war in Ukraine makes it more urgent for the EU to invest in renewable energies.

Finally, 90% have shared that the EU must take action to limit the impact of rising energy prices, with 86% claiming that the costs have a significant impact on their purchasing power. 



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