Brussels gets serious about mobility electrification in the city, Source: Unsplash

Every Brussels resident to live within 150 metres of EV charger

Every Brussels resident to live within 150 metres of EV charger

And this is set to become a reality by January thanks to a new local government initiative

Two years ago, the Brussels regional government voted to ban all combustion-engine vehicles by 2035. In order to make this a reality, however, the authorities realized that they’ll need to have an extremely extensive and efficient network of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations.

That’s why the authorities in the context of the “” plan have announced that they will begin an intensive EV charging infrastructure expansion on the territory of the Belgian capital.

Some 1,200 EV points will appear on the streets by next January, which will result in more than doubling the current number of these devices. As the officials have pointed out, this will mean that every Brussels residents will be within 150 metres of an e-car charger.

Grand-scale electrification of urban transport

The announced plans, however, represent only the tip of the iceberg. Overall, the transformation of the mobility profile of the region previews the installation of 22,000 public charging stations – on and off the streets.

The Brussels Minister of Energy and the Environment, Alain Maron (Ecolo), unveiled the new public market which will make it possible to continue the installation of terminals in the capital next year.

In 2024, the plan is to add another 1,200 EV charging stations. However, in the coming years the pace will have to pick up even further in order to achieve the stated objective.

This new batch of terminals will also make it possible to install 60 new charging points exclusively dedicated to car sharing in the capital.

That kind of service is growing in popularity in Brussels. According to Frédéric Van Malleghem, director of Cambio Brussels, car-sharing operator, the planned EV charger expansion will help local households commit to the electrification of transport and make the switch.



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