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Every third newly registered car in Denmark is green

Every third newly registered car in Denmark is green

The country is getting closer to its goal of having 1 million green vehicles by 2030

Earlier this year, the Danish Ministry of Taxation revealed that the country has seen an incredible surge in the sale of green vehicles. More specifically, it announced that every fourth newly registered car in the first three months of the year was either hybrid or electric. Now, new findings have shown a further increase in sales as recent figures reveal that every third newly sold car in Denmark is green.

Accelerating the green car revolution

In a press release, the Ministry of Taxation reported that the metropolitan area is at the forefront of the green car revolution. Expanding on this, data from the first six months of 2021 show that 42% of all recently registered vehicles in Copenhagen are hybrid or electric.

What is more, Tårnby – the municipality bordering the Danish capital – has recorded an even higher percentage, with a whopping 60% of purchased cars being green.

Environmental benefits

This increasing number of hybrid and electric vehicles will certainly have a positive impact on the air and environment in Denmark. Green cars have significantly lower CO2 emissions and thus, result in improved air quality. In addition to this, they contribute to the reduction of noise pollution.

With these benefits in mind, the Nordic country seeks to have 1 million green cars on its roads by 2030. Now, this goal seems more possible than ever as there are currently over 100,000 such vehicles in the country. Commenting on the importance of this, Minister of Taxation Morten Bødskov noted:

“The Danes have really opened their eyes to the fact that it is time to choose the green cars. This is an insanely good trend, and it emphasizes that we are on the right track towards our very ambitious goal of one million green cars on Danish roads by 2030.”



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