Krakow in miniature, Source: Bogusław Świerzowski/

Explore Krakow through miniatures

Explore Krakow through miniatures

Discover the Old town of the former Polish capital at your fingertips

Krakow in miniature is the latest attraction for tourists, visitors and residents to the former polish capital. They are given the opportunity to look from a bird's perspective on the 1:600 scale Old Town and Kazimierz. A miniature model covering an area of 315 ha, is a realistic representation of this historic part of modern Krakow.

A glimpse "from a bird's eye view", shows how the city looks and how it developed over time. The terrain and buildings model, designed using 3D technology mimics 2,800 buildings, including 881 monuments. 20 selected objects, including Wawel Royal Castle, St. Mary's Church, Cloth Hall, Town Hall Tower, Teatr im. Juliusz Słowacki, Town Hall of Kazimierski were printed in 3D in order to obtain a high degree of reproduction accuracy. The model can therefore also be used perfectly for educational purposes.

The exhibition located at InfoKrakow at ul. Powiśle 11, or the former Tourist Service Center in Krakow, presents the first stage of the model of the city of Krakow. During the inauguration ceremony President Jerzy Muzyk, Deputy president for sustainable development during the presentation of the model said the following: “I think it is a great project of educational importance, addressed to people who visit Krakow, but also to schoolchildren and residents. It is a form of an additional attraction, one that also has a pedagogical aspect, showing the development history of our city, presents its shape and appearance, as it is now” – he continues.

What is more, the project is to be developed further, so in the future one or two years the model only the first part of which can be seen today will even be made more accurate. The future modules will cover other districts of Krakow.

Certainly, a visit to the InfoKrakow site will be a great opportunity - both for residents and tourists - to delight once again with the unique beauty and harmony of the historic urban layout of Krakow, which has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List for four decades. The guests of the 15th Congress of World Heritage Towns Organizations, which will be held in Krakow from 2 to 5 June, will also have such an opportunity.

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