The service should be available to private customers later in 2023 , Source: UZE Mobility on Facebook

Fast charging for electric cars will be a delivery service in Belgium

Fast charging for electric cars will be a delivery service in Belgium

A new start-up debuts on the streets of Antwerp and Brussels

This week, a new car-charging startup called UZE made its debut in Antwerp and Brussels. The startup has a unique offer akin to food delivery but only that they deliver fast charging stations to your parked electric vehicle (EV).

According to official statements, UZE aims to be an alternative to public charging stations which are locked to a single place and often take multiple hours to do their job. Instead, they propose bringing the charging station to parked cars with their mobile delivery devices and charging a car in under an hour.

Although the service is said to make its full debut in Antwerp later this year, the company has already partnered up with Belgian electric car-sharing service GreenMobile. The partnership agreement between GreenMobile and UZE happened with the support of Antwerp’s Alderman for Mobility Koen Kennis.

Three mobile charging stations are already on the streets of Antwerp and Brussels, charging the company’s cars and by the end of the year that number is set to grow to 16 in Antwerp and 6 in Brussels.

The magic fairies of e-charging

One of the big claims UZE makes is that its service can replace the need to expand public charging stations to accommodate the majority of drivers. Instead, they can deliver charging seamlessly, without disruption, using their mobile charging stations.

Currently, when charging an electric vehicle, a driver needs to leave the car for around six hours at the slow public stations. That can be inconvenient for the driver plus it occupies the station preventing others from using it.

With UZE, however, charging would only take around 40 minutes from 20% to 85%, according to a company statement. Additionally, the mobile batteries would not need additional parking space, as they are small and can manoeuvre between parked cars.

After a UZE operator leaves the charging station at the car, he would take an electric scooter and take another mobile charging station to the next car. Meanwhile, after the fast charge is complete, the company will drive the mobile station back to the company's headquarters to recharge it.



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