Brimming with energy efficiency ideas? Amsterdam wants to hear them, Source: Depositphotos

Feel like an energy innovator? Amsterdam can pay you 5,000 euros for a good idea

Feel like an energy innovator? Amsterdam can pay you 5,000 euros for a good idea

Saving or generating clean energy – the brainstorming session for residents is on

Are you one of these people who just brims with ideas on how to live a more energy-efficient lifestyle? Or do you fancy yourself an innovator who lacks the tools and expertise? If you happen to see yourself in these descriptions and also happen to be living in Amsterdam, then the city authorities would definitely like to hear from you.

The City of Amsterdam has set up an Energy Leaders Fund (Het Energie KoplopersFonds) intending to support ideas and initiatives that lead to energy saving or clean energy generation at the neighbourhood and community levels.

Residents have until 15 February to submit an energy-related idea to the fund and if approved they stand to receive up to 5,000 euros to implement it.

Amsterdam urges a grassroots energy transition

The fund seeks to inspire people and create energy leaders at the community level in contrast to the usually top-bottom forced approach of government energy policies. In this case, the authorities just want to listen, encourage and facilitate the energy transition process as it organically happens among residents.

For example, candidates can organize an information evening or activities at schools, produce a newspaper, insulate, install solar panels, conduct research, install gas meters, hire expertise, or build a cooling cellar. And much more given that the consumption of energy is something that has always been a matter of concern for Europeans used to living in cooler climates.

More than financial incentives, the programme also aims to act as a networking facilitator so that energy transition and creative thinking in this sphere can spur a movement of sorts. Residents, the municipality and organizations can find each other, learn from each other and strengthen each other. 

If you live in Amsterdam and are over 18 years old, you can submit your idea here (in Dutch).



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