People of all ages can benefit from increased mobility

Finland launches Finnish Hobby campaign to promote mobility

Finland launches Finnish Hobby campaign to promote mobility

It urges people of all ages to engage in physical exercise and take up hobbies

The Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture has collaborated with the Prime Minister’s Office to launch a campaign that promotes mobility and wellbeing. From 27 August until 31 October, Finland’s residents can participate in a variety of events and activities that are part of the new Suomi Harrastaa (Finnish Hobby) campaign.

COVID’s impact on mobility

Over the past year and a half, people have stopped moving as much as they did prior to the pandemic. They began working from home rather than going to the office and studying online instead of going to school. What is more, COVID further prompted the closure of gyms, making it even more difficult for people to engage in physical exercise.

While some resorted to walking in nature, those deemed vulnerable remained at home, afraid that they may contract the virus if they go outdoors. Understanding that too little exercise can negatively impact physical and mental health, the Finnish government decided to launch the Finnish Hobby campaign.

Promoting hobbies

More than 100 bodies (organisations, municipalities, parishes, companies, etc.) have worked together to organise events and activities for Finland’s citizens. Therefore, the Finnish Hobby campaign will now offer people a wide range of new experiences every day. On the campaign’s website, one can view the event calendar which lists all the different activities they can take part in.

With the campaign, the government seeks to promote new hobbies and encourage people to get moving once more. In this way, it aims to improve public health and help people return to the lives they lived before the outbreak of COVID. More importantly, it hopes to strengthen resilience and show people that they can overcome all challenges.

The Finnish Hobby campaign targets people of all ages as both the young and the elderly will benefit from increased mobility, physical exercise, and mental stimulation.



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