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Finland launches website dedicated to its space-related projects

Finland launches website dedicated to its space-related projects

Information about the country’s space strategy, international partnerships, and research activities is now available online

On Tuesday 7 November, the Finnish government announced the launch of a new website dedicated to the country’s space-related activities. Resulting from a collaboration between the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment and Business Finland, the SpaceFinland website features all of the latest space news and projects.

Beyond reporting on the country’s space-related research and business activities, the website further provides information about Finland’s space administration and international cooperation. That is, it features a “Space Strategy” section listing the country’s main objectives, a “Space Management” section documenting legislation, permits, and the register of space objects, as well as an “International Cooperation” section where one can learn about the country’s international partnerships.

Commenting on the new website, Ministerial Adviser at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment Tuija Ypyä shared: “The space sector is developing rapidly and the transformation it is undergoing, known as New Space, attracts new operators around the world. The new SpaceFinland website aims to gather the most interesting and current news so that everyone interested in space can find them easily.”

Taking this further, to ensure that everyone can access the information they need, the SpaceFinland website offers content in 3 different languages: Finnish, Swedish, and English.

Achieving ambitious goals

According to a press release, Finland wants to play an active role in the growing space sector. While the Nordic country already has a strong reputation, carries out high-quality research and has expertise in electronics and software related to space operations, it has even greater ambitions.

More specifically, the government has adopted a space strategy that seeks to make Finland the world’s most attractive and agile space business environment in 2025. With the launch of SpaceFinland, the country is now one step closer to achieving its ambitious goals.



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