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Finland launches website to help citizens reduce their carbon footprint of living

Finland launches website to help citizens reduce their carbon footprint of living provides users with customised tips

The Finnish Ministry of the Environment recently announced the launch of a website designed to help individuals reduce their carbon footprint of living. Hiili Helppi (Carbon Help) provides advice and tips which are specially tailored to one’s location and house type.

By offering customised tips, the website allows everyone to participate in the fight against climate change.

What is your carbon footprint of living?

In addition to providing advice, Hiili Helppi also offers detailed information. In this way, it ensures that everyone will be able to learn and understand how they can contribute to protecting the environment. In other words, the service is not only targeting those who are already committed to fighting climate change but also those who have never tried to live in a more efficient way.

According to the website, the carbon footprint of living consists of the emissions which result from building, using, and eventually demolishing a house. Furthermore, it explains that our carbon footprints depend on the locations and types of homes in which we live.

The Minister of the Environment and Climate Krista Mikkonen explained: “Housing generates about a quarter of our Finn’s carbon footprint. That is why it is important to have information on ways to reduce your own housing emissions – whether you live in the city or in the countryside, in a detached house, or in an apartment building.”

Specially tailored advice

To provide users with personalised tips and advice, the website first asks where they live. More specifically, they are asked to choose one of the following locations: City Centre, Suburb, Detached Area, or Countryside.

After this, users must select the type of house in which they live (townhouse, block of flats, or terraced house). Lastly, they are asked to choose a topic that interests them: Housing, Energy Efficiency, Influencing or Renewable Energy Sources. In this way, the website determines exactly what information will be useful to its users.

The Ministry of the Environment notes that environmentally friendly choices improve the quality of housing while reducing costs. More importantly, however, they help save our planet.



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