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Finland outlines new rules for e-scooters to increase road safety

Finland outlines new rules for e-scooters to increase road safety

Speed limits will be lowered and police will be involved in the prevention of drunk drivers

At a meeting on Wednesday 7 July, the Finnish Minister of Transport and Communications Timo Haraka met with representatives from several electric scooter companies to agree on new road safety rules. Now, according to the subscription paper Helsingin Sanomat, speed limits will be lowered from 25 to 15 kilometres per hour.

Fearful citizens and a rise in road accidents

This decision comes after an increasing number of Finnish citizens reported feeling afraid and insecure. In a press release, the Ministry of Transport and Communications explained that pedestrians, elderly citizens, and people with reduced mobility have felt especially concerned. In addition to this, hospitals have recorded a rise in the number of road accidents resulting from e-scooters.

For these reasons, Helsinki-based rental companies Voi, TIER and Lime have announced that they will take measures to reduce the risk of such accidents and injuries. More specifically, they will limit the speeds of e-scooters in the city. Taking this further, certain companies have also voiced their decision to fully ban the use of e-scooters at night or restrict access to areas with bars and restaurants.

Beyond this, the City of Helsinki is mulling the creation of special parking spaces for these light vehicles to guarantee that they do not pose any danger to other road users. It must be noted that the creation of parking spots for e-scooters has already begun in Turku.

Actions to prevent drinking and driving

Many young adults drive e-scooters after a night of drinking. Unsurprisingly, this is extremely dangerous and can lead to serious accidents. To prevent this, Minister Timo Haraka believes police must be involved: “We suggest that the police should be empowered to prevent drunk people from moving by bicycle or electric scooter.”

It is hoped that the establishment of these new measures will result in increased safety and fewer road accidents.  

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