Finland reveals new 100-million-euro stimulus package to combat COVID aftermath

Finland reveals new 100-million-euro stimulus package to combat COVID aftermath

The goal of the package is to create a more digital and sustainable society

The Finnish government has announced a new stimulus package worth a total of 100 million euros for the country’s regions that have been hit the hardest by the economic crisis caused by COVID-19. According to officials the main goal of the cash infusion is to create a more digital and sustainable society, while also helping out those who have suffered the most from the economic downturn.

Using the crisis to better society

Large parts of the fund will go directly to the country’s regions and will be at the disposal of their respective authorities – the regional councils. As explained by the Finnish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, the funding will allow for a reform of the basis of their economic structures and will allow for the integration of digital and innovative solution that will ultimately create a fairer, more sustainable, more environmentally friendly and competitive society.

The Ministry has worked hand-in-hand with regional leaders to implement its recovery plans at the very least until the end of 2021 as it seeks to divide the funding among 19 regional authorities. Some 28 million euros will go directly to these governments as they seek to implement different solutions to help their respective economies – while also working towards the government’s overall vision for a just and green recovery.

Another 17 million euros have been allocated for the carrying out of specific regional economic recovery plans, while additional funding will be used for projects that aim to stabilize the country’s tourism sector and reinvigorate the industry.

Finally, a special fund of 4.5 million euros will be granted to Finland’s central Jamsa region in order to offset the costs of the closure of the Kaipola paper mill which has had a severe impact on the local population.

For the most part, the 100-million-euro stimulus package is being financed by unused and unallocated EU and state funds that were supposed to go to different projects which were ultimately scrapped due to the pandemic.



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