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Finland’s Northern Ostrobothnia region launches a TV channel designed for the elderly

Finland’s Northern Ostrobothnia region launches a TV channel designed for the elderly

Seniors in Finland’s Northern Ostrobothnia region can now access Koti TV, a channel specifically created to tend to their needs

Koti TV, a channel designed specifically for the elderly, will be available for free in Finland’s city of Oulu and throughout Northern Ostrobothnia until the end of June. Koti TV will be shown on channel 33 (aerial TV) and channel 66 (DNA cable). Alternatively, it can also be streamed online on

Physical and memory rehabilitation services

From 11am – 1pm every weekday, seniors can watch Koti TV and participate in exercises that benefit their mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. The channel offers a variety of content including both sitting and standing physical exercises, memory rehabilitation, and museum tours. In other words, it tends to all of the elderly individuals’ needs.

“Koti” means “home”

Now more than ever, there is a strikingly high demand for remote services. This is especially true for the elderly and vulnerable individuals who cannot leave their homes during the pandemic. It must be noted that COVID has made it extremely challenging for seniors to continue receiving the help that they need.

Koti TV takes this into account and ensures the delivery of content that is specifically tailored to these needs. In addition to this, the channel helps combat feelings of loneliness and isolation by giving seniors a sense of routine and purpose.

An age-friendly province

The City of Oulu’s website reported that the coordinator Satu Kangas believes Koti TV fulfils Northern Ostrobothnia’s wish to be “an age-friendly province”. Moreover, Kangas noted that this channel allows the elderly to access new activities in a familiar way, through their television, and from a familiar environment, their home.

Koti TV is currently collecting feedback from its viewers. The feedback survey can be found on POPsote’s website.

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