Finnish organic farms open their doors to the public

Finnish organic farms open their doors to the public

The event will mark Finnish Nature Day on 28 August

On the occasion of Finnish Nature Day, nearly 30 organic farms all over the country will become accessible to the public. From noon until 3 pm on 28 August, individuals and families will have the opportunity to learn more about organic agriculture and buy harvest season products. A variety of farms will participate in this event, including plant, animal, and berry farms, among others.

Educating attendees

The purpose of the event is educational as it seeks to introduce Finnish organic production and acquaint individuals with the everyday life on farms. Therefore, attendees will be able to see the type of work that is done, get to know the animals, and participate in activities.

Moreover, children will get the opportunity to learn where organic food comes from and how farms are maintained. On the day, attendees will also be able to buy organic products, with some farms offering them for tasting at popup cafes.

Benefits of organic farming

According to a press release by the Finnish government, organic farming is based on respect for nature and the sustainable use of natural resources. Taking this further, the products of organic farms are healthier as they do not contain harmful chemicals.

Organic agriculture massively contributes to a better environment as the lack of pesticides and chemicals results in higher biodiversity. That is, natural plants, insects, birds, and animals can easily survive and thrive. For this reason, organic farms contain almost a third more species of plants and animals than conventionally cultivated fields.  

At the Finnish Nature Day event, people will gain insight into this discussion and understand the benefits of opting for organic products. The organic farms which will participate in the event can be found on the website where one can find information about each farm.

Due to the current epidemiological situation in Finland, attendees will have to wear gloves at all times and face masks when indoors. Each farm may also have its own additional guidelines.



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