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Finnish president’s visits to municipalities go digital

Finnish president’s visits to municipalities go digital

Sauli Niinistö has been touring the country’s cities in order to discuss how they have adapted to the extraordinary situation

Last week, the President of Finland Sauli Niinistö embarked on a special kind of tour of the country’s municipalities in order to discuss how local administrations have coped with the coronavirus crisis and to discover how they have adapted to these unprecedented times.

Due to the exceptional situation that we all find ourselves in, the Finnish president had to make his trip via digital means – so as not to risk spreading COVID-19 around the country. His first stops were the municipalities of Taipalsaari and Tampere on 10 June, and Suonenjoki and Seinäjoki on 12 June.

Catching a glimpse of local efforts

On the onset of his trip to the country’s small and large municipalities, Sauli Niinistö and his team wanted to understand the difficulties and challenges that local authorities are facing and to share a message of hope that can rally all Finns in thinking about the future.

During the meetings, the President of Finland met not only with members of the local governments – like members of the City Council and the municipalities’ respective Mayors but also with representatives of different institutions and communities, such as students and university faculty members and business owners.

Following his first visit to Taipalsaari and Tampere he the President stated that “Today, the purpose was to visit a small municipality, Taipalsaari, and a large city, Tampere. Although the concrete issues we discussed were pretty much different, I found so much that was similar. By that, I mean the atmosphere and the determination. There was exactly the same spirit in Taipalsaari and Tampere: let’s look forward.” 

With the president leading by example, Finland is steadily adapting to a new way of communication – one that is more fit to the post-lockdown world and one that does not put the lives of citizens in unnecessary danger.



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