If you have a hungry dog and you happen to be in Rome then why not head to Fiuto?, Source: Depositphotos

First dog restaurant in Italy opens in Rome

First dog restaurant in Italy opens in Rome

Plus, it offers fine dining fit for a Michelin star…probably

Last month, the first restaurant in Italy that offers a menu designed for dogs opened its doors in the Ponte Milvio district of Rome. With this news, the Italian capital is sure to grow in the ranks among the most canine-friendly cities in the world, in case anyone is compiling such a list.

Called Fiuto, which is an Italian term for an animal’s sense of smell, the restaurant aims not to welcome pooches with a bowl of dry store-bought pellets but to really offer them (and their owners) a memorable and pleasant experience tailored to their tastes.

Authentic canine experience

They say that many dog owners and their dogs kind of look alike. So, it’s only natural that gourmand dog owners would take extra care in how they feed their beloved pets. And this being Italy, it was a shame up until now that food lovers had nowhere to take their four-legged friends for some high-quality fine dining experience.

That’s why Fiuto counts with two separate cuisines and two separate menus – one for the dogs and another for the humans. In a sense, it’s a place where people and animals can feel like true equals.

Just like any proper restaurant menu in Italy, the dog menu offers a range of starters, main meals, desserts and drinks. And yes, even the allergens are described at the bottom.

Main course options, for instance - ranging in price between 10 and 22 euros depending on portion size - include chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes; pork loin with courgettes and julienne carrots; cod with ricotta and boiled courgettes; hard-boiled eggs with pea cream and fontina.

There are different bowl sizes as well depending on the dog sizes. This is also how the seating arrangements are decided – small and large dogs are allocated different seating sections in the restaurants in order to avoid conflicts and unnecessary disturbance of the peace.

In addition, to soothe the atmosphere appropriate music is piped through, plus there is soft, calming lighting throughout.

Before leaving the restaurant, guests can drop by a mirrored selfie area and pose their pooch for a photo op. There are even occasional prizes – for example, for the dog that most resembles its owner.



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