Demonstrating the first hydrogen charging station in Bulgaria, Source: Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS)

First hydrogen charging station starts operating in Bulgaria

First hydrogen charging station starts operating in Bulgaria

You can find it in the capital Sofia, where it was installed upon the initiative of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Hydrogen as a fuel has arrived in Bulgaria – for now, on a rather limited scale. Today, the first hydrogen charging station was installed in the Druzhba district in Sofia in a terrain used by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) to test different energy solutions.

The hydrogen charging station is therefore a scientific project used for studying and experimenting and is the result of a partnership between BAS, the Institute of Electrochemistry and Energy Systems "Acad. Evgeni Budevski", the "Hitmobil" Competence Centre Field Laboratory and 8 business partners.

Inaugurating hydrogen mobility in Bulgaria

The inauguration of the hydrogen charging station was attended by Bulgarian scientists and government officials, who united around the idea that the facility represented the formal start of hydrogen mobility in the country.

That being said, having a proper network of hydrogen refuelling stations and vehicles running on this type of fuel is still some way off, however, the idea of having this facility is to allow scientists and local businesses to experiment with different ideas and solutions, demonstrate the possibilities of hydrogen technologies and thus to give a positive impulse for their accelerated introduction in the country.

The station uses green hydrogen produced by electricity generated from nearby photovoltaic panels and a wind generator emulator. The station also has an inlet that lets it be fueled by bottled hydrogen from other sources as well.

Its capabilities for compressing hydrogen are of the order of 40-50 kg per day, which is enough to charge 10-15 cars or 2 buses daily.

According to, the "Hitmobil" Competence Centre is also working on a sustainable urban transport project. An idea is being developed to equip an ordinary trolleybus with a hydrogen fuel cell so that it can travel 100 km outside the city network.



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