First municipal orchard in Bratislava unveiled

First municipal orchard in Bratislava unveiled

It will be opened spring 2020 and will boast all sorts of natural and delicious goods

The Bratislava city council is proud to announce the creation of the city’s first municipal orchard. It will be located in the borough of Petržalka and it will be officially opening its doors come spring 2020.

Setting up the orchard

The local administration of the Slovak capital has already procured the space necessary and created an up-and-ready garden. Municipal employees began their tree planting at the start of December and are expecting for the orchard to offer plums, cherries, both sweet and sour, apricots, nuts, hazelnuts and berries, among others.

The orchard is set to be divided into five distinct zones with each one offering a specific variety of fruits and berries. A grand total of 75 species of trees are planted in the garden, as well as tens of other species of herbs and bushes.

But that’s not all. The orchard will not only be offering tasty and natural delicacies – but it will also be a perfect place for a visit. The garden will further boast rest and relaxation zones, as well as educational areas.

After the holidays, at the start of 2020, the municipality will begin installing other features to its first orchard – including lighting, benches, paths, bird boxes, insect houses and of course information tables.

Depending on the weather, citizens and visitors of Bratislava will be able to visit the city’s new garden either in March or in April.

The Bratislava City Council has embarked on the journey of sustainability and the creation of the orchard is yet another example of the local administration’s devotion. By incorporating new and innovative solutions, Slovak capital has been attempting to fight the adverse effects of climate change and to prevent the worsening of the climate situation.





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