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Flight Network unveils top 50 of beautiful cities

Flight Network unveils top 50 of beautiful cities

Check out the full list – is your city among the best?

Flight Network – one of Canada’s fastest growing companies and one of the largest Canadian-owned online travel agencies unveiled their list of the top 50 of beautiful cities in the world.

The list was created through the combined efforts of over 1000 Travel Writers, Travel Bloggers and Travel Agencies from all around the globe - Experts and aficionados who have experienced much from what’s on offer.   

Flight Network is especially proud of its list, as the company believes that the work done by the large number of reviewers and experts will serve travel-hungry people for years and even decades to come.

European cities - always a safe bet if you're looking for aesthetics

It should come as no surprise that within the top 10 alone, European cities dominate the list. Paris takes the first place in the list, followed by New York, London, Venice, Vancouver, Barcelona, Cape Town, San Francisco, Sydney and Rome.

Following in the top ten’s footsteps are of course Lisbon, Amsterdam, Prague, Budapest and Vienna.

And here is the full list of cities:

1. Paris, France

2. New York, USA

3. London, England

4. Venice, Italy

5. Vancouver, Canada

6. Barcelona, ​​Spain

7. Cape Town, South Africa

8. San Francisco, USA

9. Sydney, Australia

10. Rome, Italy

11. Singapore, Singapore

12. Lisbon, Portugal

13. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

14. Prague, Czech Republic

15. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

16. Budapest, Hungary

17. Istanbul, Turkey

18. Tokyo, Japan

19. Vienna, Italy

20. Buenos Aires, Argentina

21. Toronto, Canada

22. San Diego, USA

23. Quebec City, Canada

24. Hong Kong, China

25. Chicago, USA

26. Bruges, Belgium

27. Madrid, Spain

28. Havana, Cuba

29. Dubai, UAE

30. Jerusalem, Israel

31. Edinburgh, Scotland

32. Quito, Ecuador

33. Zurich, Switzerland

33. Cuzco, Peru

35. St. Petersburg, Russia

36. Berlin, Germany

37. Hanoi, Vietnam

38. Queenstown, New Zealand

39. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

40. Seoul, South Korea

41. Dubrovnik, Croatia

42. San Sebastian, Spain

43. Bangkok, Thailand

44. Cartagena, Colombia

45. Dublin, Ireland

46. ​​Marrakech, Morocco

47. Bergen, Norway

48. Jaipur, India

49. Beijing, China

50. Athens, Greece

The addition of so many European cities in the list proves to be a striking victory and a great recognition of the efforts of local authorities in the European Union.

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