copenhagen floating islands, Source: Fokstrot DK Facebook Page

Floating parks made up of islands on their way to Copenhagen’s harbourside

Floating parks made up of islands on their way to Copenhagen’s harbourside

The project will bring an entirely new look to the capital

The Danish capital of Copenhagen is once again taking great strides in creative urban development. This time, through the creation of its very own so-called “parkipelago” – a floating park, made up of islands placed near the city’s shoreline.

The project is the brainchild of the Danish studio Fokstrot and the Australian architect Marshall Blecher. It is funded by the Danish Arts Foundation and Havnekulturpuljen with the goal of developing a radically new vision for the city’s harborside, which is undergoing constant change – not always for the better.

A green project with a new spin

With urbanization taking its toll on Copenhagen’s harbour and with the deterioration of the environment, the rising temperatures and sea levels, locals and authorities have been on the lookout for creative solutions to remedy all these problems. That’s precisely where the parkipelago comes in.

The islands that make it up will be set up around Copenhagen’s inner harbour, creating additional space in places that were previously unused. The first prototype for such an island was already launched a few years ago with the name CPH-Ø1. It is a 20 square metre platform with a linden tree at its very centre placed on the Copenhagen waterfront. It is also just a taste of what’s to come in the future.

CPH-Ø1 will soon not stand alone - CPH-Ø2, 3, etc. will also be joining it in creating a wide range of opportunities for different activities – swimming, kayaking, floating gardens, cafes and even saunas. During the summer, platforms can be spread throughout the waterfront, giving locals and visitors many exploration opportunities.

Meanwhile, during winters and on the occasion of large events, the islands can come together to create a larger platform, allowing for more people at the same place. The first prototypes, besides CPH-Ø1, are set to be completed by 2021, with the rest to potentially follow.



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