A 2-minute video is all it takes to be part of the larger conversation on Europe

Florence collects video ideas for a better Europe

Florence collects video ideas for a better Europe

The contest will evaluate the ideas, and not the cinematography

The municipal website of Florence announced on 5 July the launch of a video contest entitled ‘My idea for Europe’ and aimed at residents of the region of Tuscany. It will let them submit a video, of no more than 120 seconds in length, on which they explain their vision of how their city and/or Europe can transform for the better.

The organizers, Vivaio per l’Intraprendenza in collaboration with Europe Direct Florence, say that what will be judged by the jury is not the quality of the video, but the ideas contained within it.

Florence’s contribution to the Conference on the Future of Europe

The video can be made with a smartphone, with a professional video camera, or through a saved Instagram or Snapchat story. Then it must be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo and the link must be communicated in the manner prescribed by the regulation.

Citizens under 18 can participate in the "Youth Section" and citizens over 18, who live in Tuscany, for the "Adult Section".

The deadline for participation is 15 October 2021. Interested parties must present their ideas for the future through video clips concerning one of the following areas: Digital / Smart cities; Health; Education; Inclusion (young people, foreigners, women); Environment (recycling, renewable energy, circular economy); and Mobility (infrastructure).

All the video clips will be published and will be visible on the Contest page. For each category (under and over 18 years) 10 video clips will be selected. These will then proceed to the final stage, which will take place online in November 2021.

The final will be visible in streaming through the social media channels of Vivaio per l'Intrapendenza and, as an event, on the platform of the Conference for the Future of Europe. Reportedly, for each category 2 video clips will be awarded.

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