The promise is to make Ponte Vecchio even more beautiful, Source: Depositphotos

Florence’s Ponte Vecchio to undergo largest restoration ever

Florence’s Ponte Vecchio to undergo largest restoration ever

Two million euros will go towards the effort that will try to refresh its original splendour

The City of Florence announced that it will initiate complex restoration works on its iconic Ponte Vecchio bridge, which will begin this autumn and end sometime in the summer of 2026. The restoration operation has been described as the most extensive in the history of the 14th-century bridge.

The bridge doesn’t have any stability issues (it’s secure and anchored), but it does suffer from the usual problems linked with being outdoors, open to the elements and the ebbs and flows of the river,” explained the mayor of the city, Dario Nardella.

He promised that at the end of the works, the bridge would be even more beautiful than before.

An ancient winemaking family will aid the restoration 

The works will involve the restoration of the original materials of all the elements present such as armillae, elevations, arches, piles, abutments, wing walls, paving and parapets in the two central squares in order to guarantee their conservation over time. At the same time, works necessary to improve the management of rainwater will also be carried out.

The bridge will have its foundations cleaned from algae, moss, lichens and weeds. Disinfection has also been mentioned among the purported processes.

In addition, there will be a consolidation of cracks, fractures and lesions, as well as the reconstruction of original stone elements and plaster layers. These will include the replacement of the flooring and parapets.

The funds raised for the effort – 2 million euros – will mostly come from the municipality, however, a local aristocratic family of winemakers, Antinori, has also promised to support the restoration financially. Interestingly, both the bridge and the aristocratic family date back to the 14th century.



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