Augmented reality fireworks could become the new normal for celebrating the arrival of New Year, Source: © Feelgood Vuurwerk 2021

For New Year's Eve, Amsterdam embraces augmented reality fireworks

For New Year's Eve, Amsterdam embraces augmented reality fireworks

After banning the real thing earlier this year

After banning consumer fireworks for New Year’s Eve and cancelling the alternative professional district displays, Amsterdam has suddenly left pyrotechnic addicts with nothing to look forward to on the night of 31 December. Luckily, as the city website informed recently, creative minds from the capital have come up with an equally interesting alternative: virtual fireworks. Representing absolutely no danger to one’s health or to the environment, these augmented reality shows can be purchased by everyone and this has a charity purpose.

Safe New Year with fireworks: possible in Amsterdam

This year, Amsterdam recommends that residents opt for an innovative and safer fireworks spectacle. Albeit virtual, it can be even more thrilling than traditional displays, as one can see from the Gallery above. The name of the advertised show is Feelgood Vuurwerk (or Feelgood Fireworks). It is based on augmented reality and its authors are the best digital and creative teams in the Dutch capital.

How it works?

Anyone who owns a cell phone can make virtual fireworks show at home or outdoors. They only need to purchase a single item or a pack, as per their preference from a pop-up store at 234 Prinsengracht or via the following link:

Products range from as little as 5 euro for a “friendly fire” of Roman Candles to 50 euro for a full pack, which is clearly meant for the biggest enthusiasts or large companies.

After making the purchase, one will receive an email with a step-by-step guide on how to set off the virtual fireworks. At this point, they can already see their item, but not set it off yet. This can be done as many times as one wishes only from 31 December after 10 am.

Celebrating the New Year with a thought for those in need

The entire proceeds (save for a 10% VAT on the purchase) will go to The Sheltersuit foundation, an organization that works for the homeless and refugees. The non-profit organization designs and produces water and wind protection clothing for people who are forced to sleep outside

Why virtual fireworks?

As we reported earlier, Amsterdam has banned the display of consumer fireworks on New Year’s Eve. The decision was explained as a way to counteract the nuisance caused by fireworks and was reportedly backed by the majority of Amsterdammers. On top of this, non-professional firework displays are connected with many injuries, which creates an unnecessary burden on the healthcare system, already overwhelmed by Covid-19.

But here are some other pros that the organisers point out on their website: other than the charity part, AR fireworks contribute to a stress-free New Year’s Eve for you, your domestic animals and your neighbours. Plus, you do not create extra waste. Sounds like a good New Year’s resolution, right?



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