Forgetting a window open in winter could make quite a difference in energy expenditure, Source: Helsingborg Municipality

Forgot to shut a window in the cold weather? Helsingborg has a solution for that

Forgot to shut a window in the cold weather? Helsingborg has a solution for that

The city’s bet on IoT technology is finding applications in the most unexpected and tiny details of daily life – and it makes a difference

It’s winter and we are in the midst of an energy crisis, so imagine the situation where you’re responsible for making sure that all the windows of a public building are closed before leaving for the night. Leaving even one window ajar could mean additional expenses for the budget, not to mention the security risk for theft and vandalism that this can imply.

The City of Helsingborg, however, has a solution for such, seemingly trivial yet essential, daily acts that can ruin the sleep of an official who might be on the forgetful side. There is a digital service based on the Internet of Things (IoT) concept, which lets employees check quickly and accurately whether all the windows of a large building have been closed. It also saves them valuable time and resources.

By using the service, the city minimizes the costs of reporting and monitoring from alarm companies,” says Thomas Huldt, business developer and IOT product owner at the digitization department in the city of Helsingborg.

Safer and more energy-efficient premises

The service works by putting connected battery-powered sensors on the windows that can be opened in the building. The sensors are connected to the city's network. The staff can see which windows are open using the web and mobile. Instead of checking all the windows before going home, they can go straight away and close the windows that are needed.

This is one of the city's IoT products. IoT refers to everyday objects such as household appliances, machines, and buildings that have built-in electronics and connectivity. This allows them to be controlled or exchange data over the network.

The service contributes to, for example, 11 schools saving approximately SEK 250,000–300,000 (or about 22,450 – 28,000 euros) per year. The staff save time and do not have to go around and check that all the windows are closed before going home. The service also contributes to increased security and reduces the risk of burglary and vandalism, as well as reducing electricity consumption.



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