Mayor Marek Hattas presenting the projects, Source: City of Nitra on Facebook

Four projects will transform Nitra into a greener city

Four projects will transform Nitra into a greener city

The Slovak municipality will use EUR 6.7 million to renovate its parks and green areas

On 23 February, the Slovak City of Nitra announced that it has received EUR 6.7 million from the Integrated Regional Operation Programme (IROP) for four green projects. These are the restoration of the 150-year-old City Park, Nitra’s Castle Hill, the inner block on Štúrova Street and the primary school complex on Škultéty.

Becoming a greener city

The renovated parks and areas will make the city more attractive and improve residents' quality of life. According to a press release, Nitra will put more than EUR 5.7 million towards the renovation of the city’s most popular place, the City Park.

Undergoing the largest renovation in its 150-year history, the park will acquire more greenery, new workout equipment, a picnic meadow with barbecue areas, an observation deck, new lighting, sidewalks made of natural materials and benches. Taking this further, the municipality will also repair the existing frog fountain. Commenting on this, Mayor Marek Hattas shared:

“It is fantastic news for all inhabitants of our city. The park is probably the most popular place in Nitra, but many parts of it need repairing. I feel that the playgrounds do not meet the safety criteria, the sidewalks are in a state where they need major repairs, and some places in the park […] are waiting to be used to their full potential. We will implement all this thanks to money from the operational programme. We will take the city park in Nitra to a completely new level.”

City Park Nitra
A plan of the future park (Source: City of Nistra on Facebook)

Small-scale projects with a big impact

Aside from renovating the City Park, the municipality will revitalise Castle Hill. More specifically, it will use EUR 760,000 to make it more accessible by restoring the old gate on Jesenského street. Beyond this, it will add rest areas, benches, and viewing platforms in addition to restoring sidewalks and lighting. Mayor Hattas explains that the municipality will further revitalise the greenery in the area and implement anti-erosion and water retention measures.

Approximately EUR 160,000 will then be put towards the revitalisation of Štúrova Street’s courtyard, where the municipality will add a gazebo, children’s playground, and more greenery. Finally, it will use around EUR 37,000 for water retention and management of rainwater at Škultéty Elementary School. 

See the gallery above for illustrations of the future City Park.  



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