A nuclear factory in France

France considers nature-friendly nuclear mini reactors (maybe)

France considers nature-friendly nuclear mini reactors (maybe)

A project for the innovative technology might even receive recovery funds, as national media reported

In view of the galloping prices of energy in Europe and an upcoming heated presidential campaign in France, nuclear energy will likely be a determinant issue for public opinion in the next six months. The country, already deriving two-thirds of its energy by nuclear fusion means, might soon enjoy an important upgrade in the field, as national media have reported.

According to Radio Europe 1, quoting own internal sources, President Emmanuel Macron envisages the construction of new nuclear mini plants. Modular and more environmental-friendly, they are set to strengthen the energy sector and complement conventional nuclear power plants in the country.

SMR might prove a safer and more acceptable alternative for the public

President Macron plans to announce the creation of "mini" nuclear power plants in the coming weeks, as Radio Europe 1 informed yesterday. Said SMR plants (where SMR stands for “Small Modular Reactors”), will have new-generation reactors ten times smaller and ten times less powerful than conventional nuclear power plants. Moreover, they are both more economical and more ecological, according to the radio station, which makes them more acceptable to the public.

The radio station further pointed out that the official announcement will be made in the middle of this month, during a presidential visit to the North-eastern commune of Belfort. The SMRs will be the central point of a wider investment plan, which might even receive funds for recovery under the France Relance plan, one of whose three pillars is the environment and energy transition. That pillar is supported by 30 billion euros.

The concept of SMR is not new, however. Back in September 2019 nuclear industry stakeholders from France and abroad were studying the possibility of combining their expertise on SMRs. Later on, they presented a design for NUWARD - a modular solution introducing some significant innovations and economies. Yet, despite initial plans for earlier commercial release, to this date, it only exists on paper.



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