Free e-book against isolation in Italy

Free e-book against isolation in Italy

An innovative digital campaign by the libraries of Rome

"Stay home" is the slogan of the moment throughout Italy and throughout Europe. The aim is to stop the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

Libraries in the Italian capital are attempting to help people in this difficult time when it is unthinkable to go around bookstores through their new campaign launched by Roma Municipality #cultureathome.

What better company than a good book, when we are on the sofa on a melancholy day in times of a pandemic? And we are completely convinced that reading can enrich and distract us from the bad situation in which we are all placed.

Free e-books and open to all citizens

Thanks to this innovative digital initiative, e-books become free and open to all citizens. You only need to activate your online registration, even the free one, from the BiblioTu portal. 

Membership will give you completely free access to an extraordinary cultural heritage, without physical and material boundaries - over 7100 periodicals from 90 countries in 40 different languages. You can also read the main national and international newspapers, and widely circulated magazines.

At the same time, the number of e-books that a user will be able to borrow goes from 2 to 4. The libraries in Rome make available to their users, and to those who want to join the community for free, a rich digital newsstand for free use, which is added to their e-book collection, which is also accessible for free and without restrictions.

Italy is the most affected country by the coronavirus in Europe. Through the #cultureathome campaign, Italians can remain distant but united and connected in their love for reading, by sharing virtual pages, knowledge, information, quality entertainment for young and old.



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