Owen Bonnici, Source: Minister of Education and Employment of Malta Owen Bonnici announcing the tablet and computers donation. Image: DOI - Clifton Fenech

Free tablets, laptops and internet for the vulnerable students in Malta

Free tablets, laptops and internet for the vulnerable students in Malta

123 tablets or laptops and 132 free internet access points are being given to vulnerable students

A total of 123 tablets, laptops and 132 free internet access points have been provided to the vulnerable students of Malta so far, informed the Ministry for Education and Employment (MEDE) on Friday. This was done due to the fact that schools across the country were forced to close down due to the coronavirus pandemic and children had to rapidly start studying from home. The donation is essential for vulnerable students and families, as otherwise, they would have missed out on online teaching, explains Minister Owen Bonnici.

Education for every student in Malta

The process of distributions started as soon as the educational establishments in Malta closed due to Covid-19. Despite the number of devices delivered so far however, the Ministry still receives more requests and tries to respond to them in a timely matter.

I wish to thank all those companies that have spoken to us recently and accepted our appeal to provide donations of tablets and computers that will go to those students who need them so that every student is given the opportunity to continue their studies. In addition to what we had already received, we have also been provided with 60 more tablets, another laptop and another computer. This amounts to a total of 95 tablets, 4 laptops and 7 computers together with financial donations to a tune of €19,130,” said Minister Bonnici at a press conference held 15 May.

The press conference was attended by a number of companies and individuals who in the past days donated computers, laptops, tablets or made cash donations to the Ministry.

"As a Government, we are committed to keeping on assisting students and their families because we firmly believe in every child’s right for education even during times like this were having access to digital systems is essential to continue with the educational journey. I would also like to thank all individuals and companies who generously helped us achieve this goal in such a swift timeframe," concluded Bonnici.

The Ministry explains that no student who has made a request under the respective Scheme 9 has been denied assistance. What is more, the assistance extends beyond the families covered by the scheme, as a special committee was set up to decide on who is eligible.

Minister Bonnici, who has himself donated a month’s worth of his ministerial pay, urged more private companies to offer their assistance to loan computers, laptops and tablets to the Ministry so that they can be given to children in need.



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