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Free tickets for Amsterdam art venues in February

Free tickets for Amsterdam art venues in February

The city has launched a 'buy 1 get 1 for free' scheme to lure people back to the local cultural scene

Today, authorities in the Dutch capital of Amsterdam announced a new 'buy one – get one for free' scheme for the cultural industry. Essentially, if you buy a ticket to the cinema, theatre, concert or 60 other cultural venues, the city will foot the bill for another ticket, at no cost to the consumer.

This would help strengthen the art sector amid the post-Covid recovery period as well as the cost of living crisis and stimulate more people to go out and experience culture. The only thing art fans need to do to access the unique discount is to get a free 1+1 Gratis voucher booklet.

The booklet will be available in cultural venues, coffee shops and the I amsterdam store in the city. Additionally, the booklet will also be downloadable. Inside, would-be cultural enthusiasts will find the voucher or code to get their free ticket.

A gift to Amsterdamers

According to an official statement, the free ticket scheme is supposed to be a gift to all Amsterdamers from the city and all cultural venues. The offer stands until the end of February for 60 locations, including cinemas, theatres, concert halls and more. It even overs museums like Moco Museum, church building De Duif, Cinema de Vlugt, the DeLaMar and more.

Furthermore, the offer is a way for the more insular residents to be (re)introduced to the vibrant cultural scene of the Dutch capital after close to three years of isolation, social distancing and lockdowns. It is also a great way to get to know someone.

Here’s how it works:

  • Get the booklet in town or download it from the I amsterdam website;
  • Choose your favourite show or activity from over 60 offers – or 2, or 3, or as much as you like;
  • Invite a boyfriend, girlfriend, neighbour, sister, mother-in-law or cousin;
  • Bring the voucher to the location and get the 2nd ticket for free;
  • Or buy your tickets online in advance;
  • Go and enjoy February!



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