Conference on the Future of Europe launches a new digital platform, Source: Conference on the Future of Europe's twitter

From 19 April citizens will have a platform on which to discuss the future of Europe

From 19 April citizens will have a platform on which to discuss the future of Europe

Conference on the Future of Europe sets up a new digital platform

Yesterday, 7 April 2021, the Conference on the Future of Europe's Executive Board approved a new multilingual digital platform that will enable people from across the EU to contribute to the Conference. The launch is planned for 19 April and will allow citizens to share opinions and ideas on any subject that they believe is relevant for the future of the EU.

For the first time at the high EU level, citizens will be able to put forth their ideas, comment on other people's ideas, and build and engage in events. The platform will serve as the Conference's central hub, bringing together all contributions, including decentralised events, European Citizens' Panels, and Conference Plenaries.

A specialised feedback mechanism will analyse key points that are raised during the discussions and will allow them to be considered at a later stage. Consequently, the forum will serve as a reference for event organisers who will be able to promote their projects at the local, global, and European levels. Thanks to the event tracker, people will be able to find events that interest them.

Open discussions at local, regional, national and European levels

“The Digital Platform will bring Europeans into the public space. It will allow them to express their concerns, share their dreams and expectations and to engage with their representatives. The Union needs the power of its citizens behind it to make it stronger. This is a decisive moment, and this will allow us to debate differing views frankly and without taboos,” commented the Portuguese Secretary of State for EU Affairs on behalf of the Presidency of the Council of the EU, Ana Paula Zacarias.

Additionally, the executives have prepared for the Conference's first major event, which will take place on Europe Day (9 May), taking into consideration health conditions. The official hashtag of the Conference, #TheFutureIsYours, is an invitation to EU people to contribute to and define the EU's future.



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