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From coal ash to solar cash: a webinar shows the hidden wealth of green energy

From coal ash to solar cash: a webinar shows the hidden wealth of green energy

TheMayor.EU has partnered with EIB and ICLEI to inform European municipalities about the possibilities ahead

What does it take to shed off your coal past and embrace a sunnier future? It may sound like a no-brainer, but the reality is that for many municipalities and the people inhabiting them taking that step is rife with fears and concerns about job losses, poverty and depopulation.

Yet, there are already many examples in Europe where the transition from coal-derived energy to one rooted in renewable sources has already happened and quite successfully at that. That’s what TheMayor.EU’s newest webinar wants to demonstrate to EU municipalities - it can be done and there is available money to cover the costs.

We are pleased to invite you to the webinar called “Seizing the chance: From coal ash to solar cash”, will take place on 4 June (10:00 CEST) and counts with the support of the European Investment Bank and ICLEI Europe. The registration is free but mandatory on this link.

Putting the money where the mouth is

The Green Deal and the sustainable transition have become common parlance in the daily public narrative of Europeans, yet many, and the includes even local authorities, view them as nothing more than buzzwords void of substance.

The webinar organizers have taken that context into consideration, which is why an EIB representative will do a presentation on the financing opportunities available to support municipal and regional administrations in their energy transition quest.

What’s more, we will have municipal representatives from both sides of the story to present their fears and their feats.

Speakers from one of the Bulgarian coal regions that are about to launch their economic transformation will detail the specific hurdles and concerns that are prevalent in their midst. Representatives from European municipalities will demonstrate specific examples of how they creatively tackled that problem.

Energy transition is a complex, multi-faceted process that requires more than funding or bureaucratic acumen. The upcoming webinar will aim to demonstrate that it is also a question of thinking outside the box.

Register here to receive the Zoom link and join us.



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